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Dr. Anil Ramakrishna has 16 years experience in clinical medicine post his MBBS degree. He has done his MBBS from Kasturba medical college , Mangalore and MD General medicine at KIMS, Hubli.

He pursued his neurology training at the prestigious national institute of mental health and neurosciences(NIMHANS), Bangalore.

Dr. Anil specialises in the treatment of various neurological diseases like stroke (including thrombolysis ,treatment of spasticity) , headaches , epilepsy, neuropathies, Dementia, movement disorders(Parkinsons dis-ease,tremors etc.) etc. Special Interests are in stroke ,Headache ,epilepsy , sleep disorders and Dementia.

Namma clinics has its separate own EEG and NERVE CONDUCTION MACHINE for needy patients.

Dr. Anil has done and reported numerous EEG’S AND NERE CONDUCTIONS and has vast experience in electrophysiology.

Dr Anil believes in comprehensive approach to any disease and prioritizes the management according to the patient symptoms.

He is Member of the Indian Academy of Neurology(IAN) ,Bangalore Neurolog-ical society(BNS), Bangalore neuro-education trust (BNET), GLOBAL ASSO-CIATION OF PHYSICIANS OF INDIAN ORIGIN and INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCI-ATION.

Dr. Anil Ramakrishna
Consultant Neurologist