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Dr Chethana Dharmapalaiah - Rheumatologist

Visited for Rheumatoid Arthritis.
She is really down to earth and easy to talk to. I had taken my relative with symptoms of Rheumatic Arthritis. I think this is the first time in my life I had a doctor make me feel like she was taking time for the patient. She listened to everything we had to say without interruption and answered all our questions thoroughly. Nice Doctor !!

Dr Girish N S - Nephrologist

Very friendly doctor. you can book appointment easily. Doctor Girish took time to explain things in detail about the symptoms, causes, . does and don'ts. very reasonable fees. I would Highly recommend Dr Girish to Anyone having kidney related issues. or anyone wants to check their kidney health as a precautionary measure.

-A verified patient
Dr Shireen Furtado - Dermatologist and Cosmetologist

Visited for Skin disease treatment.
It was awesome...... To meet with dr. She suggested me right way to deal with this kind of disease ..and now im taking the treatment as suggested by dr.. And im feeling better now.

-Sanjeev Singh
Dr Sunil Furtado - Neurosurgeon

Dr. Sunil's sincere involvement in the case is appreciable. The way he explained us about the disease and the solution gave us more confidence to move for surgery. The patient recovered very fast post surgery. His friendly and humanitarian involvement with the patient and patient's relatives is commendable.

-A verified patient
Dr Anil Ramakrishna - Neurologist

Doctor was on time for the appointment , systematically elicited history , examined , gave explanation for the Migraine , explained treatment plan in simple words and advised lifestyle changes. All this was explained with great hospitality and compassion.

-A verified patient
Dr Sunil Kumar S - Cardiologist

Visited For Heart Conditions
The doctor explained me my condition very nicely.. satisfied with the treatment.. would consult him for regular follow up

- Mamatha CN
Dr. S R Krishna Thalagavara - Psychiatrist

I visited Dr. Krishna when I was going through a very confusing and painful time in my life. Dr. Krishna was extremely patient and very compassionate. I felt I could open up to him, he never judged. While, he does not indulge in Psychotherapy, the fact that he could listen to me with kindness and compassion, made me realise many things about myself. I visited him for 4 sessions and he gave me an insight into myself. He taught me the importance and possibility of being gentle on myself. Even now, if I am tensed, I think of the advice he has given me and this helps me get through any situation. He gave me an anti-depressant which is working well, without any side effects. I would definitely recommend him if you are confused in life and want someone to vent to and guide you.

- Verified patient

Dr Mallikarjun Sakhpal - Gastroenterologist

Visited for abdominal pain
Wonderful experience doctor heard our problem patiently and gave helpfull advice and did not suggest un-necessary test and very prompt advice

- Nachiket
Dr Naveen Ganjoo - Gastroenterologist

Visited for liver disease
I was recommended to visit Dr Naveen for liver related issue by a physician. After examining me and going through my tests reports he advised change in medications. After treatment for 1 month my liver condition has stabilised and I am feeling better.

- Lawrence Fernandes